Excerpt from "View from the Tent"

Excerpt from "View from the Tent"
"...It was inevitable!
In our micro village of hope, despair, diversity, loneliness, new found friendships, charity and community, roamed death.
She arrived sometime during the night of the 21st to invite Michael Robinson to take the trip of a “life time” exiting our camp gently in to the hands of strangers.
It was comforting to see the respect, concern, and yes, some grief, on the faces of our fellow campers as Michael made his exit.
Do we need any stronger reminders to the sounds of times winged chariot hurrying near. Near to all of us living here. We are all probably wondering just what the hell has led us down the road to residing in a tent shelter with people one would generally avoid.  I never would have spoken to the majority of people I don’t speak to today.
Death reminds and equalizes all of us.  The ultimate democratization!
The local preacher did a nice job putting together a small candlelight service.  Some of the people who continually support us brought flowers and some munchies.  It was a nice thing for them to do...
Some of our fellow campers said some kind words about Michael.  I hope his family is having similar thoughts.  I wonder if they know he has died?
I didn't know you and I’m saddened I didn't know your name was Michael. In the likeness of God, if I remember accurately.
Had I been able to say something I would have said I was sorry I didn't care more and to wish you a safe voyage.

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