Wednesday, October 24, 2012

C'mon America, we can do better!!

            Seattle Photo by M Barrett Miller

  • This man is mere feet from some very upscale shops in a residential neighborhood community in Seattle.
  • Why he is there doesnt really matter. He's there and we are faced with determining what we may want to do to help him and many others who are on our streets.
  • Not everyone can get into a shelter, surf a relatives couch, or get space in the already packed Tent Cities.
  • Here are a few questions suggested by a Seattle coalition dedicated to making life a little bit easier for those on the margins.
  • Wherever you live is probably facing some of the same challenges as the big cities. Should you respond to the following let your elected officials know how you feel-
  • Would your community be better off if we made year-round shelter and day and hygiene services available to more of the people who need and want them?   
  • Do you support additional shelter funds for homeless families?                        
  • Should we maintain specialized child care services for the youngest children who are homeless?  
  • Does it make sense to increase our city's investment in giving people safe, warm, dry places to be at night and during the day, or would you rather see people moved from place to place as the days get shorter and the nights get colder?   
                              We all deserve better!!

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