Friday, November 30, 2012

We Can Do Better - Can't We?

Homeless in Seattle
Photo by M Barrett Miller

What you're looking at is one persons sleeping loft. 
Well, maybe not a loft!
She has found a little space out of the rain. 
Her worldly goods are in those two shopping carts. They are parked there while she begs within sight of the carts and all her earthly pocessions.
Here are a few questions, suggested by a number of national agencies, for consideration and action if you think she could use a hand- 
Your voice will count if you let your elected officials know your thoughts and feelings.
  • Would our/your community be better off if we made year-round shelter and day and hygiene services available to more of the people who need and want them?   
  • Do you support addition shelter funds for homeless families?                  
  • Should we maintain specialized child care services for the youngest children who are homeless?  
  • Does it make sense to increase our city's investment in giving people safe, warm, dry places to be at night and during the day, or would you rather see people moved from place to place as the days get shorter and the nights get colder?   
If we have the will, there are solutions!!

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