Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sassi, You Deserve Better!

           Sassi Photo by M Barrett Miller

Say hello to Sassi.
She lives on the streets of Seattle. 
Well, in doorways, under the freeway, in the greenbelt. 

She's been on her own since age nine and has experienced about everything your mind can come up with-

Sassi has lots of challenges, though retains a sliver of humor about her abilities, and inabilities, with herself and others in society.

Dumpster diving to find treasures that can be can be turned into art brings her a few coins an hour from people passing by where she’s hanging out.
She doesn’t have a license to sell, or to solicit donations, so she hopes what she creates will please enough people to keep her going.

I told Sassi about my videos entitled “Am I the Face of Homelessness?’ I showed her a couple so she could see my approach.
Funny, she knew one of the ladies I recently interviewed.
Small homeless world!
She was fine with me shooting some video as I asked her a few questions.

I deleted the video I shot, as it was just too hard to watch.
Sassi asked me to come back and visit with her some more.
Maybe I will-

M Barrett Miller

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