Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Giant Prepares to Depart...

                Matt      Photo by M Barrett Miller
Rather than having a memorial, after the inevitable, Matt Barrett agreed to have a celebration instead.
It was held last night in the parish hall at St Joseph's, in Seattle.
The end is near for Matt.

Watch his long time friend Brooke (video) telling one tale, of many, about how Matt has made the very best of a lousy hand.

See the following article sharing some background information on Matt.

I've Had a Great Run.

 Matt has been a courageous role model for so many over the years. He was recently recognized by Invisible for his generosity of spirit, and his dedication, to reaching out to the sick, lonely,  homeless and others in need of a kind word.

Here's a little story.

Back when Matt was hired by the circus one of his jobs required he lead a grizzly out of the arena when the trainer gave him the high sign. This all went very smoothly until one day when the trainer got ill towards the end of the performance. What Matt didn't know was the trainer always gave "Bruno" a couple of peanuts before turning and handing the lead to Matt. Well, the assistant trainer, worried about the other two bears gave Matt the lead line to take Bruno out. He either didn't know about the peanuts, or forgot due to the anxiety of the moment.
Bruno didn't want to move.
Matt gently pulled on him.
Bruno struck out leaving Matt's left ear dangling by a thread of flesh.
When the dust settled, and the bears and Matt were attended to, he was told that policy was that any animal that "attacked" an employee would have to be put down.
Matt sat there for a moment before replying, "Then I quit. If I don't work here there is no reason to punish Bruno for dong what comes naturally to a bear."
Bruno lived.
Matt went on to new adventures.

We'll all miss you Matt.
Safe journey.

M Barrett Miller
Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. 

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