Sunday, June 9, 2013

Stepping out of Homelessness

See Seattle actor Dan Niven playing Atreus (video), a man temporarily broken by life events.
Atreus bounced around Seattle living in Tent Cities for three years.
Mr.Niven has focused on when Atreus starts to step out if his own shadows to once again embrace life. Dan has accurately portrayed Atreus's reluctance,stammer and stuttering as he breaks out of his internal world. (The words Mr. Niven is sharing are Atreus speaking to me via the notes he passed on-)
      Dan Niven Photo by M Barrett Miller
 When I first encountered Atreus he did/would not speak or interact with any of us who visited the homeless camp. After some time we exchanged notes with him eventually giving me stories of others in camp.
Starbucks plays a big role in the story, as their employees volunteered a number of times to help with camp moves.
Starbucks ( Mermaid ) is always generous and supportive of those on the margins. 
Mr. Niven has based his presentation on "View from the Tent" a book about Atreus compiled by M Barrett Miller.
It is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu and via the website Let Kids Be Kids or on our advocacy site.

"Love Wins"

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