Thursday, March 20, 2014

Australian Aboriginals and Teachabout

The following was received today from a man who has spent most of his life reaching out to various Aboriginal peoples across the Cape York Peninsula, Australia. 
I have been fortunate in that I have traveled with him a number of times to the back a beyond to visit, and stay, with a number of Aboriginal peoples in "their country."
He wrote the following after seeing that his introduction to Teachabout students in Melbourne led me to post a fund raising opportunity on Universal Giving.

"...Glad you are able to do something with the Teachabout mob. 
Even tho dollars may not flow, at least their outfit is now in the domain. 
Their approach has lots of potential if they can get other universities on board. There are a number of rich individuals here who are doing serious work running employment/training initiatives for Aborigines, particularly in mining. 
Universities are providing encouragement for kids from remote communities backed by funding from local community and government. 
There are very promising indicators that the attitudes of the past are slowly fading and a new mood of inclusiveness seems to be emerging, particularly among the young such as Teachabout and other student groups. 
As you will agree, there is an urgent need to educate the up and comers about the total Aboriginal picture because there is still very few who know anything much about our first Australians in a real sense, but that can change quickly if the young future educators are supported to go out to the remote places to see what you and I know so well about the culture. 
Our new prime minister is probably the best hope for improving indigenous advancement. He has always been active in helping in the communities, especially in education, and has now included Aboriginal affairs in his own department, making him the responsible minister for all that happens across the country in that area in the Northern Territory and other places way out beyond the Black Stump..."
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