Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Louise McDowell - Sculptor

"Giving & Receiving"- photo by M Barrett Miller
 It has been my honor to have worked with Louise, in various studios, since the day we all crossed trails at Bellevue Community College, where Ray Jensen was overseeing sculpting and casting.

Louise left Bellevue College, after some time, to take over as Director of the Pratt Fine Arts Metal/Fabrication Foundry in Seattle. We followed - helping her construct one of the most productive artist foundries on the west coast.

Artists Lawney Reyes, Bob Cooke, Georgia Gerber, Bob Herdick, Marvin Herard, Val Laigo and other accomplished professionals cast on a bi-weekly basis under the watchful eye of Louise, who always wanted everyone's castings to turn out perfectly.
Many pieces of sculpture, now on public display, across the country, were cast in the Pratt facility when this eclectic group of artists came together for a few years.
Louise has had a studio in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle for the last ten years where she has created a number of commissioned pieces.

This is what Louise says about her work;

"...I am a figurative artist. My work explores the dynamics of living things as well as abstract compositions. As a sculptor I create environments and focal points within environments.
My work creates a sense of movement, an energy going in different directions at the same time. It is all about movement and transformation. Interaction with the work happens on a personal level. I seek to inspire observers and stimulate imaginative thought, as well as to affirm the human experience.
I believe that art can be a force for transforming society. Art plays a key part in our future, drawing attention to the environment, to social justice, and to the love of life. I would like people to think about the future of the world, our connection within it, and our ability to affect real positive change..."

See Louise's website. 

Louise, even if we're "Done", it has been a great run!!
Thank you-

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