Sunday, December 14, 2014

Yep, sleeping in toilets.

Last Friday night, while walking around Capital Hill, before Dan Niven’s performance of "Jesuit Wingman", I became a reluctant arbitrator of who got to use this dunny for sleeping. 
I was walking along, dreaming of warm beaches, when I was confronted by a man asking if I thought it was fair that the other fella standing there got to hoard the privy. Snapping my mind back to street reality I suggested they flip a coin-simple solution that surprisingly was agreed to by both gents. I gave the loser enough to duck into the local coffee shop and tune up-
There is a stand alone dunny on Lake City at the Concrete Park, 125th and Lake City, where there has been an on-going argument about one fella sleeping in it overnight….Yep, sleeping in toilets! 
We All Deserve Better!!

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