Saturday, June 11, 2016


 Please, before you go to sleep tonight, think of ways you can reach out and help all the creatures out there-----humans as well.
Rhinos. Because the animals' horns are used in folk medicine for their supposed healing properties, rhinos have been hunted nearly to extinction. Their horns are sometimes sold as trophies or decorations, but more often they are ground up and used in traditional Chinese medicine. The powder is often added to food or brewed in a tea in the belief that the horns are a powerful aphrodisiac, a hangover cure and treatment for fever, rheumatism, gout and other disorders, according to the International Rhino Foundation. Rhinos have dropped from over 500,000 to 29,000 in a century. Please, please, please if you see a Rhino give it a hug, not a bullet.
Let Kids Be Kids advocates for the rights of all those in the animal kingdom. Yep, humans too-----And, in particular, all those Rhinos out there.

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