Thursday, January 26, 2017

What does LKBK do -Endangered Species

To answer the question what does Let Kids Be Kids,Inc. do?
One project I am very proud of is in support of “Endangered Species” across the globe.
Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. financially supports, volunteers, and advocates to protect endangered, and threatened, species across the globe. We were very involved with the passage of Washington state Initiative 1401 which passed with a greater than 70% margin in every county in the state. It is now a crime in Washington state to sell or trade elephant ivory, shark fins, parts of elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, lions, leopards, cheetahs, marine turtles, sharks, rays and pangolins.
Our involvement with organizations like the Woodland Park Zoo, Audubon, Earthwatch, Save the Elephants, and others in the United States, Australia, and in many other countries, allows us to advocate for animal protection and animal rights at different venues. We stress conservation, preservation and education in an attempt to build empathy for our fellow creatures, who are often in dire situations.
Another way we promote that hoped for empathy is through our photographs and videos that we distribute on many social media sites, as well as including them in articles and blog postings.
By June I will have completed a collection of photographs that will be included in a book entitled “Friends.” This will be our fourth book on the work of Let Kids Be Kids, Inc., “Advocacy for those Seeking a Voice” as described on our website
We are extremely thankful for the wonderful work many people do to ensure these amazing animals are allowed to continue to share the planet with us. Want to support our work for endangered animals? Here is a link:

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