Friday, February 17, 2012

"I Will Always Love You!"

                                       "I Will Always Love You!"
Everybody has probably already said just about everything there is to be said about this song and Whitney Houston’s ability to belt it out like an angel.
What hasn’t been said is how challenging it is to live up to the words in the song.
Sure, if we have a “civil” split with someone our stated hope, to anyone that will listen, is that your soon to be previous love will find happiness and love in their lives.
Right, love and happiness with someone else!
How many of us are so sacrificial that we can actually let someone leave, or leave ourselves, hoping they find all that you were unable, or unwilling to offer, in the arms of someone else.
Wow, this is asking for a lot from mere mortal man.
Is it just me that harbors those wild and crazy thoughts that she will come back just because I will always love her, or are other people equally crazy?
Does she actually care what I am feeling?
Does she think of me at all?
Wasn’t it me that turned on that song, between tears, when she was packing up to search for the rest of her life?
Now, on top of everything else, I have the capacity to look in her window, thanks to Facebook, and see just how happy she has become without me.
Well Whitney, I guess on balance it was all worthwhile!
I’ll try harder.
Thanks for coming this way and leaving your incredible song behind. You said it way better than Dylan…

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