Thursday, February 2, 2012

They are not all Crooks!

                                                    They’re not all Crooks!
Seattle street art. Photo by M Barrett Miller
I seem to be hearing more and more people say, “Ah, they’re all crooks!” whenever any positive comments are made about a particular politician.

Most recently I heard it while a group of volunteers were serving a lunch and complimenting the president on his State of the Union address. There were comments made by others about how it was all “just political” and that he didn’t mean anything by his comments beyond trying to lure in the unsuspecting. One of the people in the group asked a detractor whom they were going to support. The comment about all of them being crooks was readily accepted by a number of people inclined to vote for anyone but the current president.
It appears that those making such statements are unable, or unwilling; to sift through their minds the choices available that might be running au contraire to their preconceived ideas.
Enough with the equivalency remarks!

Everyone is not a crook and everyone doesn’t cheat on his wife or stash money in overseas banks. Not everyone is richer than Croesus or had a lace-curtain upbringing.
There are, believe it or not, many members of Congress, the Senate, the judiciary and yes, in the White House, that are upstanding members of society dedicated to doing their level best to serve our country.
Sure, everyone has personal foibles but they don’t deserve to be constantly lumped in with those that have truly jumped the shark.
They are not all crooks!!!

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