Friday, March 23, 2012

The New Scrooge

The new Ryan budget has arrived to the cheers of those who want to privatize the most important social nets that keep so many from drowning in the pit of poverty.
How have we gotten to this point in our country?
How is cutting cutting cutting going to make it better for those on the margins?
Why is being an obstructionist as honorable as one who compromises and dedicates to making life better for everyone in society?
Why is wealth the marker, by which people are judged?
Why are we acquiescing to the uber rich on discussions which they have no experience?
They have not been poor, marginalized, lonely, criticized and abandoned because of their inability to accumulate bricks of money.
They have not slogged through the swamps of Viet Nam or belly crawled in the sands of Iraq or Afghanistan.
They dare to pound their chests taunting for war in Iran!

Crowds check their brains to hoot and holler for the very person who would insure that they were sent first to fight. Fight to protect the further accumulation of whatever it is that drives these men to shout for fiscal control, as they dump boatloads of cash into senseless foreign adventures.
We seem punch drunk by the constant assaults on our sensibilities.
I hope enough of us know what the right thing to do is, as we get pushed this way and that way by the daily cycle of news.
We need to go back to asking each and every time, “Is this in the best interests of the majority of our citizens?”
If it is-let them know!
If it isn’t – let them know!

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