Thursday, April 19, 2012

Graffiti,wall art and tagging

Photo by M Barrett Miller

There’s wall art, tagging and graffiti.
The difference between one and the other is profound!
The picture highlighted in this article is wall art displayed with the encouragement of the property owner. The artist took their time and produced a quality piece that covers up a bare ally wall.
Tagging is complicated shorthand that says, “Hey, I was here”, or offers the name of whatever affiliation the spray paint phantom belongs to in the neighborhood.  Usually hard to decipher unless you are a member of the in crowd-
Graffiti has a noble history going back to ancestors marking walls in their cave, cliff or well-worn rocks telling all who cast their eye on it that something of note has transpired. Some of it is elegant sharing with the viewer a myriad of emotions that share the intrinsic story there for all to contemplate.
Some of it is just pleasant to look at-
Hopefully, the artists out there will get permission for their expressions rather than doing what someone did to this library wall. According to “Goodbye Graffiti” the costs can vary greatly according to surface construction and choice of attack weapons.  
Whatever the costs it is too much!
Put away your cans of paint and read a book!!

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