Sunday, April 29, 2012

When is a School no Longer a School?

This may be hard to believe but there is a K-8 school in greater Seattle that remains open in spite of the following.

Imagine touring the school with the principal trying to understand why his school should be the school you send your kids to for one of the most important times of their lives.
At the end of the tour of the way too old building you summarize your visit by stating,
"Now, correct me if I misunderstood what you were saying, or what I've heard from others, about the school."

"Okay, I will." Replies the principal as he escorts you into his miniscule office.

You take a moment to look at your notes before beginning, "Lets see,
#1         You have no librarian! The school hasn’t had one for five years and you have no plans for one in the future.
#2         No ESL! Kids have graduated without the ability to read, write or speak English.
#3         No science lab!
#4         No language classes!
#5         You're advertising, on the web, for volunteer religion teachers!
#6         There is no formal computer training or curriculum!
#7         You have no school counselors!
#8         You've borrowed operating money from the faculty and staff by reducing some wages in excess of 20%!
#9         You have no certified tutors or an established tutoring program!
#10         The priest, for whatever reasons, stays away from the school.
#11         No full time Art or Music teachers.
#12         You will be covering in PE, as well as in science, though you have no credentials in science or PE.
Did I get it right?'


"Ah, why should my children attend this school?"

"Well, we, ah, have a loving faculty and staff!"
Looking around the office you spot a photo of two young boys. You ask, “Are those your kids?”
“Yes, that photo was taken a few years ago when they were in middle school.”
“Oh, how did they like it here?
“Ah, they went to __________________ up the street.”

Believe it or not there are still parents sending their kids to this school.

                                      Kids Deserve Better!!

N.B. There have been some exceptional kids that have graduated from this school. They are motivated kids supported by their parents, friends, and relatives all encouraging excellence in spite of what is/was available in the school. Part of the draw is this particular school offers a lower tuition than the competing religious schools in the neighborhood.

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