Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pride in Our President

Thank you!!
Since President Barack Hussein Obama spoke out in support of same gender marriages I have noticed a measurable up tick in positive statements, from many I speak with, towards the future.
People are happy this Civil Right has been addressed by the president, even though it might cost him some support in his campaign for the presidency.
Some are saying they are so happy they could actually accept his defeat because he did the "right thing."
Doing the "right thing" seems to be what has been missing in our politicial discourse for a number of years.
The cynics want to denigrate his support as a total political move, as well as adding new attacks to ramp up any racial division they can mine at his expense.

The presidents political opponent  recently visited Liberty University. The schools founder claimed homosexuality to be at the core of why the horrendous attack on 9/11 took place. Within two days of the attack Jerry Falwell, University founder, claimed God  was so angered by the rampant homosexual behavior in America that he closed his eyes, allowing the attack.
That Willard Mitt Romney would make the decision to speak at the University when their support of ongoing discrimination is vocal, is a mystery.

Thank you Mr. President for doing the right thing for all the citizens of America.

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