Monday, December 2, 2013

Where are We going to go?

I think I have finally hit the wall around the realities of what the "poor" face in our city.

Up until a couple of years ago the "poor" were fairly easy to identify.
We all knew who they were, where they “lived” and the challenges they faced around feeding their families, housing, transportation and the limited choices they had with little or no disposable income.

We visited homeless shelters, tent cities and served meals at indoor shelters when we could-
We advocated for housing, medical services, education, and a open heart from the community.

Things have changed.
Changed dramatically!

I now know college grads living at home, or with three or four roommates, because they can't find a job and are trying desperately to figure out how they’re ever going to pay their student loans.

Worse yet, I know people working hard that are facing soaring rental increases that are beyond their reach.

One person's situation is bothering me the most.

A single mom, in her thirties, has just been notified that her rent will increase by $800.00 a month! Her rent will now be $2,000.00 a month for a two bedroom apartment, in an old building, not worthy of this rent increase.
She works more than full time, for a local school district, in a first grade classroom dedicated to special needs kids.
Her income does not allow her to ever consider $2,000.00 a month rent.
In addition to her paid job she coaches special needs adults, mentors and supports the imprisoned and is a stellar mother dedicated to her son’s success.
She is the role model we all applaud when given the opportunity.
We applaud as we allow her to frantically look for a place to live in a city that no longer seems to welcome those who earn a real living doing the work we so honor.

Where will she go?
Where will I go?

What have we done to ourselves?

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