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These three books tell one story about Let Kids Be Kids, Inc.
We advocate for those seeking a voice. 
We speak up, and help, the poor, the homeless, the sick, the displaced, the abandoned and victims of natural and man made disasters.
A great deal of our time is spent with young people offering them opportunities and insights into the lives and challenges of many across their community, and in the larger global community.
Our public advocacy is vocal and shared through the media as much as possible. We post to journals, newspapers, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Newsvine, LinkedIn, Instagram and all applicable sites across the Internet.
One recent example of our public advocacy is our recent visit to a Seattle high school with Natives Rising founder Robert "Ravenspeaker" Frederiksen. He spoke about the challenges, and solutions available, to ameliorate the abysmally bad realities many natives find themselves in throughout the country. The students, given the facts, and a listening ear, were quickly able to come up with some great ideas on reaching out across the cultural divide.
Our private advocacy deals with individuals and small groups who prefer to stay out of the public eye. Our work with some veterans, x-cons, HIV/AIDS patients, students dealing with various issues are kept between us and them-

The book "Trust Kids" speaks to all the great things that can happen when we actually listen to young people and give them the opportunity to have a real voice in the process. Each chapter tells the story of such successes. The stories range from students in Mississippi who have a role on the education board. These kids helped steer the board after the devastation of Katrina. Another story is how a young man helped a group of Australians with relief work in Ache. Perhaps the most distributed chapters shares how young people in Anacortes, Washington, use native traditions to deal with bullying.
Great stories that underscore our belief that change is always possible.

"Ice" shares the courageous and hopeful stories of many I have known, and know, who have suffered the devastation of a HIV/AIDS diagnosis. The book is full of amazing people who have brought into my life a fullness I never would have imagined 26 years ago when I first got involved with the 'community." The book has been embraced by a number of nursing schools, AIDS support organizations and other non profits dealing with the sick, lonely and abandoned. Most satisfying of all is how the book has been received by those who know the people I wrote about-

"View from the Tent" is the story of one man broken by an event in his life that leads him down the trail to homelessness. Its an unusual tale because its told through an exchange of notes between me and Atreus, a pseudonym chosen by the homeless man. These exchanges bring the reader into the story line and the changes that take place in his life, and at the various camps, where he hunkered down. A Seattle actor, Dan Niven, has volunteered his time to do readings of the book at events where the book is the center of a fund raising event. The book is sold wholesale to the group, they mark it up, and sell it at the gathering. I was recently told that the book has generated about $60,000.00 in donations over the last year. Let Kids Be Kids and Dan Niven receive nothing from the sale of the book or the presentation done by Mr. Niven.
In addition to these presentations we visit various schools to share our experience and knowledge of the plight of poverty and homelessness here and in many countries we have visited. The essence of these visits is to educate and solicit solutions...
I am very proud of the following:

" Mr. Miller's book, "View from the Tent" has provided my students with a unique insight into the challenges of a homeless man wandering through the system in Seattle. It is a story of discovery and hope that has benefited my students, as they look for ways to ameliorate the challenges the poor and homeless face on a daily basis. Mr. Miller's classroom visits have helped my students understand the human side of poverty and homelessness." (Dec 2013)
Edward Wilson Reed PhD
Assistant Professor 
Matteo Ricci College, Seattle University

Your purchase helps fund Let Kids Be Kids, Inc. advocacy out reach. All net proceeds are used to make life just a little bit easier for many in our communities.

For comments or questions email us at Let Kids Be Kids.

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