Thursday, June 26, 2014

Can you help?

"The village of Xeatzan Alto is in danger of completely sinking. It is urgent to move the families to a safe place.”   

We just received word from Gary Teale, Executive Director of Avivara, in Antigua, Guatemala, that families in Xeatzan Alto have been forced from their homes when the recent rain and mudslides destroyed their houses. 
These  families are now living in a plastic shelter without any electricity or running water. Because they live at an altitude of nearly 8,000 feet, the nights are extremely cold. You can donate through us or directly to Avivara 
Let Kids Be Kids via Universal Giving.

Thank you-

Dear Michael,
Thank you for your response to our appeal to help the families in Xeatzan Alto who have been displaced by the recent flooding and mudslides. Your contribution will really help them as they try to rebuild their homes and lives. We plan to 
head back up to the village this weekend with additional food, blankets and other supplies thanks to your help. On our last trip up there one of the village leaders actually cried when he said “Avivara are the only people who care about us.” Sadly, the government is too overwhelmed with “bigger” rain-related problems, and Xeatzan Alto is so remote that it doesn’t draw the attention of the bigger humanitarian aid NGO’s here. So again, your donation has really helped give them hope.

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