Monday, June 30, 2014

Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby

"That some religious people believe the Hobby Lobby decision to benefit people of faith misses the underlying scandal: that corporations, legally fictitious person, have been given rights to restrict the behavior of actual persons. 
The owners of Hobby Lobby, or any other corporation, should be free to exercise their religious beliefs; but the corporation, as such, has no religious belief, and should be treated in that way--regardless of the sincerity of the owners. 
The consciences of the employees ought to be respected, in a benefit they earn by their employment. 

Sincerity is not a replacement for the common good--i.e., the good of reason. Those who closed the counters at Woolworth sincerely believed blacks were the children of Ham and should be kept from eating with whites, but such is not a right in a wisely governed country. But, in fact, the majority on the Supreme Court has based its decision not on precedent nor on law, but on a predetermined bias in favor of corporate identity. That is why they should be removed."
 John D. Whitney S. J.

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