Monday, March 2, 2015


Please, before you go to sleep tonight, think of ways you can reach out and help all the creatures out there-----humans as well. I've told you all about young Aussie PT and her fight with cancer. See her blog and videos of how she is using her remaining time. ( )
"Swimming less than a metre behind me was a sight I had never seen before or since - a free-swimming tasselled angler! I was completely gob-smacked and absolutely panicked that this bizarre creature might disappear again before I had a chance to capture any proof of what I had seen. Somehow amidst all the mixed adrenaline of the moment, I managed to fire off this single shot of the unimaginable fish that had chosen this precise moment of technical challenge to declare its grotesque beauty in all its finery:"
Let Kids Be Kids advocates for the rights of all those in the animal kingdom. Yep, humans too-----
And, in particular, all those Tasseled Anglers out there..( gob-smacked indeed)

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