Monday, May 23, 2016

Black Stump

The sale of “Beyond the Black Stump”, and the other books linked on helps support Let Kids Be Kids,Inc™ advocacy work.
Our advocacy centers on trying to make life a little better for all creatures - human and animal.
Part of our advocacy work is to assist people who are temporarily blocked by systems they may not fully understand. This is usually one on one assistance to people who have asked for help. Not long ago we helped a homeless diabetic secure a companion dog that will warn him to seizures.
We contribute clothing, tents, sleeping bags, gloves, cash, meals, housing support, transportation to residents in various homeless shelters and outdoor camps.
We continue our commitment to those who are suffering from HIV/AIDS and the loneliness, isolation and abandonment that so often accompanies their struggles by highlighting and educating people to the struggle.
Photo: Hakan Yıldız

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