Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Strong Women Scare Weak Men!

Hearing more statements from the Republican Presidential contenders today on their positions on women and sexuality I toss out the following.

1) Whats with calling for the curtailment of birth control country wide?
2) Why do these men think they have a say on what women can choose and not choose to do with their bodies?
3) Whats with curtailing the ability of the LBGT community to adopt children?
4) Whats with all the fuss over whether or not same sex people want to get married?
5) Why roll back Dont Ask Dont Tell?

An overwhemling number of people on a political forum responded that the current Republicans don't believe any of the above and are only saying it to flim flam the gullible "bible thumpers."

Do you think thats an accurate description of whats going on this primary season???


  1. Pure post-feminist garbage.

  2. Huh, too bad you arnt proud enough of your thoughts to use your name.