Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just the Facts Please!

Dear Kids, particularly those of you that are presently in high school. 
Please ask your parents to support your collective demand that your health/science classes share current information on choices beyond abstinence.
"The United States has one of the highest rates of unwanted pregnancies in the developed world — nearly half of pregnancies here are unintended, and there’s been no improvement in the situation for a decade…" NY Times 18 Sept 2012
*Last week I was told by one school administrator that the seniors there "might" not be able to read "Ice", the book I wrote sharing stories of people fighting HIV/AIDS, as there are sexual connotations/references within…
The fear that one of the stories would somehow give immediate permission to kids to immediately leap into a sexual relationship was shocking.
It has been my experience with kids that if you show you respect them, they will take informations offered with the seriousness that its presented. 
They know when you're pulling the wool over their eyes. 
This is too serious a subject to be handled by continually sharing dubious information, or having teachers who are too embarrassed to share reality.
A third of 1000+ high schoolers recently said one could get HIV from mosquitoes-health teachers were in the classroom when the kids shared this belief----
See the following article for more information:  Between Contraceptives, a Gap to Bridge.

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