Friday, September 7, 2012

Now is the time...

My pal Sage
A few of us sat around every night at our favorite hangout in Seattle watching as much, from both conventions, as was humanly possible.
We'd take notes, argue, justify, counter, agree and come to the same conclusion every time. 
That we are all in this together.
"This" being our country and our future.
When the last call was shouted last night we shared the following list of questions/observations we had come up with while watching this marathon of political activity-
"I have been driven to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had no place else to go."
This quote from Lincoln, shared by Barack Obama, tells us a lot about the man and the policies, and platform, of this party and candidate.
The last two two weeks have shown anyone paying attention that there is a profound difference between these two political parties.
One is inclusive, one is exclusive.
What did citizens do to be marginalized?
What did citizens do to be denigrated?
What did the elderly do to become the targets of a Medicare shake-up?
What did those living off survivors and disability benefits, under Social Security, a third of all disbursements, do to be threatened with cuts to their coverage?
What have the sick done to deserve the re-establishment of preconditions, life time limits, increases on the costs of medicine, children's coverage eliminated by the Republicans.
What did college students do to deserve college becoming unaffordable?
What did teachers, police, fire fighters do to attract attacks on their union memberships.
What did lower and middle school kids do to deserve the unraveling of an educational safety net?
What did the poor do to become the object of attacks?
What did women do to deserve all the rancor,ridiculous conclusions on how reproduction works, anger, and fear that seems to motivate so much energy towards them?
What did young children, of illegal immigrants, do to invite "self deportation?"
What did minority communities do to deserve being referred to as the "other?"
What did the victims of rape and incest do to deserve such a callous platform condemning them to relive their attack forever-
What did the auto industry do to deserve bankruptcy?
What did Republican followers do to be told by their candidate that he did not honor, or respect, them enough to share any financial information with them?
What did the super rich do to deserve more tax cuts?
What did women do to deserve the reversal of the Lilly Ledbetter act?
What did Planned Parenthood do to deserve the threat of closure under a Romney presidency?
What did minorities do to deserve attacks on their voting rights?
What did gay people do to deserve the opposition of same gender marriage and the right to serve in the military?
What did…?
The list grows longer every day.
This is all about us, and our ability to make our voices heard, if we want to continue the changes that are presently on the table.
"Yes, we can!"

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